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Our latest inspection took place in January 2017, and I am pleased to announce we maintained our Good grading.

Below is a copy of the report, and this can be viewed online via the ofsted website using the setting URN EY246275.

Pritchard-Brennan, Naomi Louise    34 Bentswood Road, Haywards Heath, West Sussex, RH16 3PW     
Inspection date Previous inspection date
10 January 2017  3 June 2014 
The quality and standards of the early years provision
This inspection: Good  2   Previous inspection: Good  2
Effectiveness of the leadership and management Good  2
Quality of teaching, learning and assessment Good 2
Personal development, behaviour and welfare Good 2 
Outcomes for children Good  2 
Summary of key findings for parents
Inspection report: Pritchard-Brennan, Naomi Louise, 10 January 2017  2 of 5    
What the setting needs to do to improve further     
To further improve the quality of the early years provision the provider should: 
 provide assistants with even further support to help them raise their quality of practice to the highest levels
 make the most of opportunities to encourage children's understanding of healthy lifestyles further. 
Inspection activities
 The inspector observed children and the childminder playing together. 
 The inspector examined a sample of documentation, including safeguarding policies and procedures, and children's records. 
 The inspector and childminder discussed the play activities and children's learning during the inspection and undertook a joint observation of children's play. 
 The inspector observed the quality of teaching and the impact this had on children's learning. 
    Inspector  Ben Parsons  
Inspection report: Pritchard-Brennan, Naomi Louise, 10 January 2017  3 of 5    
Inspection findings 
Effectiveness of the leadership and management is good   
The childminder has made positive changes to further improve the experiences she provides for children. For example, she has recently improved the way she supports children's sensory and messy play, such as with new resources and activities. The childminder continues to improve her skills and knowledge, for example, by researching best practice and sharing ideas with other childminders. Overall, she supports her assistants well and offers them guidance to help their professional development. Safeguarding is effective. The childminder and her assistants are up to date with current legislation. They know the signs that would cause concern about a child's welfare and have a clear understanding of the procedures to follow. The childminder vigilantly meets the legal child-to-adult ratios, and this helps ensure children's safety.     
Quality of teaching, learning and assessment is good   
The childminder regularly observes children's play and closely monitors their developmental progress. She plans precise next steps in learning and uses children's interests to help engage them in their play. For example, children enjoyed helping to prepare home-made sausage rolls for their lunch. The childminder and her assistants support children's mathematical skills well. For example, they encouraged children to count toy trains as they moved them around a track. The childminder encourages younger children to explore different textures in their play, such as rice and lentils.   
Personal development, behaviour and welfare are good   
The childminder and her assistants are good role models. Children confidently know what is expected of them and behave very well. For example, they happily tidy away toys when they are finished with them and listen very well to instructions. Children develop good social skills and easily make friendships. They confidently share and take turns, such as when younger children rolled a ball to each other, including others in their play. Children are kind and considerate and enjoyed helping to feed the pet guinea pig. Children enjoy regular exercise, such as trips to local soft-play areas and physical play in the wellequipped garden.     Outcomes for children are good  
Children are well motivated in their learning and concentrate well. For example, they carefully decorated paper with pens and stamps. Older children begin to write their name and show good early writing skills. Children have good physical skills and carefully used knives to cut up pastry for their sausage rolls. They have a good understanding of technology and enjoy playing electronic games. Children thoroughly enjoy joining in with songs and actions and quickly learn the skills needed for the next stage in their learning and for school.   
Inspection report: Pritchard-Brennan, Naomi Louise, 10 January 2017  4 of 5    
Setting details
Unique reference number EY246275 Local authority West Sussex Inspection number 1068632 Type of provision Childminder Day care type Childminder Registers Early Years Register, Compulsory Childcare Register, Voluntary Childcare Register Age range of children 0 - 6 Total number of places 16 Number of children on roll 18 Name of registered person Naomi Louise Pritchard-Brennan Date of previous inspection 3 June 2014 Telephone number  
The childminder registered in 2003. She lives in Haywards Heath, West Sussex. The childminder has a childcare qualification at level 3. She provides care for children between 7.30am and 6.15pm each weekday, all year round. The childminder works alongside two assistants each day. 
This inspection was carried out by Ofsted under sections 49 and 50 of the Childcare Act 2006 on the quality and standards of provision that is registered on the Early Years Register. The registered person must ensure that this provision complies with the statutory framework for children’s learning, development and care, known as the early years foundation stage.  
Any complaints about the inspection or the report should be made following the procedures set out in the guidance ‘Complaints procedure: raising concerns and making complaints about Ofsted’, which is available from Ofsted’s website: www.gov.uk/government/organisations/ofsted. If you would like Ofsted to send you a copy of the guidance, please telephone 0300 123 4234, or email enquiries@ofsted.gov.uk.
Inspection report: Pritchard-Brennan, Naomi Louise, 10 January 2017  5 of 5                         
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