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What is Playwork?

 As a qualified play worker I believe that playwork is a skilled profession that can enrich and enhance children's play. Children need opportunities to play in different ways at different times, as well as safe play spaces where they can be physically active as well as quiet and still. Children and young people's play needs will differ depending on their age, ability, culture and circumstance. As a playworker I aim to help create a secure atmosphere which welcomes and encourages all children to play.

What is the role of the playworker?
Seeking out/helping create special places where play can happen.

Resourcing the play place with sufficient, varied and interesting components and loose parts for play.

Observing the children playing in order to learn more about play and how to support it.
Sensitively judging when and how to intervene in play situations if the necessity arises, whilst also balancing risks and benefits.
Reflecting on all that they observe and the impact of their own role in this.
Keeping up to date with information about the play process (through interaction, observation, reflection and research/reading) and all that it involves


What is a forest school?
The aim of the Forest Schools Initiative is to give all Children the chance to explore and experience the natural world through practical activities using the outdoors to promote confidence, independence and self-esteem. We will be using the varied natural resources in the woodland and the children’s interests to stimulate imaginative, creative and investigative activities. 

How is this delivered?
All children attending the setting will be given the opportunity to spend extended time out of doors, exploring their natural environment.  From September 2011 this will become a regular part of the routine within the setting, with forest school sessions taking place one morning a week during spring and summer months.
The children will have the freedom to explore and enjoy the space, they don’t have to hold hands and work in pairs.  With time their independence and self-confidence will grow.  They know they are safe. Everything is taken step by step and introduced gradually. They are shown simple things like how to carry a big stick safely by dragging it. They are taught about any dangers. 
Risk assessments will of course be conducted on arrival at the woodland area before children are allowed to begin to explore, and the children will of course be under supervision when out of doors at all times.

Each session will have a structure, a familiar routine which children will know and enjoy.  The focal point of the forest school is our story circle, the children will sit on logs for a drink and snacks where we will spend time creating stories about our surroundings.  Children will be introduced to the concepts of camp fires, and cooking outdoors on occasions.  This will again be conducted under close supervision at all times!
Using the out door environment, children are encouraged and inspired to grow in confidence, independence and self esteem through small achievable tasks.
As the children gain confidence the challenges become more complex.  Above all the child is never set up to fail, each task is achievable.

We are very excited about working with other local child minders in order to develop this exciting opportunity for all children in our care, and hope that your families will enjoy this experience as much as we will.